Wednesday, April 05, 2006

covering it

It is 12:30 am and I should be sleeping because I am trying to get in a normal sleeping routine. But instead I made rice, beans, grilled some peppers, and made myself a flying burrito.

These past months, weeks, days have been a blur. I almost feel that I have lost the sense that I can't seem to make the changes in my life a reality. I want to say, do, feel, be so many different things but I can't seem to begin the process of really changing, routine, behaviors.

(I thought about putting my TV in storage...or at least covering it with a sheet).

I know what I need to do. I know that all it takes is the decision to change. The will to do and be better. Why is it so easy to be so messy, lazy and tired?

This is sorta depressing. I need to sleep.


Automaton Overlord, Esq. said...

so, exactly what's in a 'flying' burrito? flying things?

Anne said...

Wootang, Flying Burrito is this amazing local shop where they make the most delicious burritos, the atmosphere is great and the people who make the burritos are so much fun.

I tried to make my own "flying buritto" last night. They fill them with rice, beans, meat of choice, I like beef, cheese, yummy salsa, lime, grilled veggies, usually onions and peppers, then a little sour cream. For some reason, even though I used all those ingredients, mine just didn't taste the same! Flying Burrito's are just soooo much better!

Scott said...

I hate when I try to make something at home that I like at a restaurant and it never works out. Kind of sucks.

As for you life issues, just take it one day at a time, small changes first!


curious servant said...

Hang in there Anne.

I found Lent a good way to change habits. There is only a couple of weeks left, but poerhaps if you old yourse3lf that from now until Easter you would just stop doing one of those things, and every time you thought about it you'd say a little prayer, it might be enough to hep you get the ball rolling.

Just a thought.

Automaton Overlord, Esq. said...

well, i heard the secret to a great flying burrito is all in the wrist.

ben ingman said...

Ask Jake about 7:25. He should have some insight for you.