Saturday, August 19, 2006

save on sim

As I turn to the Global Connection kiosk girl and ask, What is the diagnosis? I already know the answer.

It was dead.

I felt naked, out of touch, and lost.

I looked down at my hand and just held it for awhile.

She asked, Did you save on SIM?

I closed my eyes and said, No.

They were all gone...every telephone number of every hometown friend, every co-worker friend, every college friend and every other person I knew.

I didn't save those numbers on my SIM card, I saved them on my phone. And now my phone is dead.

Why? Why didn't I save on SIM?

Now I have to back track and comb through my files for phone numbers I never even memorized because all I had to do is hit: Amanda or Paige or Katie or Meghan or Home.

Dear friends and family: Please send me your numbers!
I miss you already.


Kate said...

507 469 4668

i can't believe it actually died...

paigedewees said...

i'm so sorry anne. i'm gonna check mine tonight.

Scott said...

Oh man that is such a pain in the butt. Good luck finding the numbers again.


Cheryl said...

Aw. so sad...good luck getting your numbers back.

ben ingman said...

hahahaha.... such drama!! You crack me up anne.

Computer phone is temporarily out of service... and may be indefinitely.

I will be reachable after thursday at: