Friday, December 22, 2006

always goes

This week was a hard week for me.

But we had already invited all our friends and I just didn't feel like canceling.

We were celebrating Jakes return to Minnesota!

The night was really fun - it was great having the space to have a party!

Even though we bought a new sofa, have two bedrooms and a sunroom - most of the night everyone was in the dining room - surrounding the food.

Isn't that how it always goes?

After it was all said and done I sat down and had some hot cider. It was a great party.


Cheryl said...

It looks like a great party. I'm glad it cheered you up!

Scott said...

Okay that is just a lot of food. Very cool.

Amanda said...

what a spread...looks so warm. i am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. it's beautiful how happy she looked in the photo with you and jake. you are lucky to have had her in your life.

curious servant said...

Happy New Year, Anne

paigedewees said...

party was so fun anne! hey - wheres the picture of the girls lined up???? i need one!

curious servant said...

Just dropping by to say Hi!