Wednesday, February 28, 2007

had the time

Minnesota had over a foot of snow this past weekend and I was in heaven dancing cheek to cheek.

I took lots of photos but haven't had the time to put them on my iBook, which means that I haven't had time to upload them to blogger.

Friday begins the March that Jake and I will only see each other........for, I just counted and it looks like 10 days. We are both traveling all month.

I will miss him.

I'll get photos up soon.


Katherine said...

I'm glad someone is smiling at the snow. I'm not as much because walking in slush to class = wet socks.

Bummer about not seeing each other but if anyone can handle distance it's you two :)

paigedewees said...

i'm happy for the snow too. can't wait to see your pictures since i missed the snow falling. looks like we're in for more. see you in the morning at ninas!