Thursday, December 06, 2007

cosmic connections

We were maybe getting a little anti-wedding.
I was maybe getting a little anti-bride.

Two days ago we were seriously considering flying to Jamaica and not telling anyone.

But yesterday things starting clicking.
I am talking about cosmic connections people.

Remember June 28th, 2007?
This day was the day that my ring was delivered.
Now it will be the day we will celebrate each year.

Remember my thing for the number eight?
On this day we will have been together for eight years, I will be 28 years old, and just about anyway you look at 6/28/08 you have the number eight.

This date found us.
The place had it open and the important people in my life were available.
Things happen for a reason.

We are getting married at Camrose Hill Flower Farm on June 28th, 2008 and it is going to be beautiful.

And now we are EXCITED!


paigedewees said...

88888eight8888eight 8.

Trisha said...

Beautiful venue, Anne. I am so happy for you.

Only 6 months away. Whoa!

Cheryl said...

awesome! congrat again )

keo boun pheng said...

oh, congratulations anne! that is truely fantastic - i love when things fall into place like that - it confirms everything!

Marissa said...

YAY! that is perfect!

Meg D. said...

Congrats, congrats, congrats, congrats, congrats, congrats, congrats, congrats (8 times over).

It's going to be beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Anne
6+2=8 8-08 !!! more 8's !