Tuesday, February 26, 2008

playing with judy

Our next door neighbors Gracie, Liam and Sean all LOVE Judy - they have watched her grow from a little puppy into what she is today and they feel very close to her.

Gracie knocked on our back door Sunday night and asked if Judy could come and play with them - ummmmm, yes!!! The tricky part is that both Gracie and Liam are allergic to Judy and break out in hives when she licks them.

Obviously, they do not care about this fact AT ALL.

They come over fully covered in fabric (doesn't matter winter or summer they have boots, long pants, long sleeves - as much skin covered as possible).

We do what we can but try stopping an excited puppy from licking a pint sized human!

So Sunday night they started in their yard throwing balls over the fence or shoveling snow over the fence (Judy absolutely loves to catch snow - she jumps to the sky to catch snow).

After awhile Gracie could not take the separation any longer. She pleaded with her parents to let her come over to our yard.

"Please, please, please Mom - I feel that Judy and I have a connection. I love Judy. Judy and I are sweathearts!" (I am not exaggerating these quotes at all - seriously).

So Gracie and Liam came over to our yard and they ran around and played and it was hilarious. Judy loves them too.

The next morning Gracie gave Judy a picture she had drawn for her that said, "I love Judy."

It is hanging in Judy's kennel right now.


amanda jane said...

ahhhh youth! wouldn't it be great to be young again? or a puppy for that matter!

anne said...

So cute. Gracie sounds like a little sweetheart!

EP said...

Cute! The photos are SO FUN, and those kids sound so cute.

The neighborhood kids are afraid of my mom's dog, a Golden Retriever, even though she loves them. She just gets a little overly excited and knocks them down...

Wilt Rogers said...

You have a fun blog and a great life. congratulations.
thoese dogs are a lot of fun..
we have a collie....