Monday, July 28, 2008

summer heat

I want to be back.
Back to normal.
Back to not exhausted.
From the wedding.
From life.
From life after the wedding.

Tonight I feel like I am almost back.
I just biked around my block on my vintage bike I bought last year after my sleek road bike was stolen from my then 'new' garage. I am going to post a photo of this vintage bike of mine because I think it deserves a photo.

Anyway, on my way through the alley I run into Tom. Tom, the neighbor who hoards. Hoards everything and I mean everything - on his porch, in his backyard, in his garage, and in his car. Tom is hilarious. He is the neighborhood 'fixer upper man' who has saw horses and ladders and paint brushes and actually lets you borrow them. He is great. Tom still has a toy plastic rocking horse on his back porch and his youngest kid is 23 years old and getting married in three weeks.

Tom and I chatted about weddings and the cost of weddings and his ex-wife and his son who is getting married in Two Harbors in three weeks and how on their 'Save the Date' said Tom and his girlfriends name BUT on the invite it said Tom and "GUEST" -- whoa!

I just rode my bike as fast as I could around and around and around and around my block and it was fantastic. The wind in my hair and the summer heat on my face.

I am back!


EP said...

That's crazy about your neighbor. Huh.

Welcome back!

Trisha said...

Life after does take some time adjusting too. Welcome back!