Wednesday, October 08, 2008

right now

With my new found freedom and housewifery I have been experimenting with how to spend my time --- cooking and baking (and sometimes not cleaning up); having bonfires in the backyard and eating smores; going to the dog park so Judy can have that sense of freedom and exploration that she so craves; oh and (sometimes) drinking margaritas and falling asleep in the living room listening to MSNBC. It has been wonderfully relaxing and weird at the same time.

But last night Jake and I ventured out of our house and drove to the Orpheum Theater in downtown Minneapolis for an exciting night out on the town. We had tickets to see Kathy Griffin LIVE (she is my definitely my favorite comedian and did not disappoint).

It was a great night out on the town but as soon as I got home to our warm little house and flipped on MSNBC, got a glass of milk and some Oreos, and fell asleep in the living room...I realized that life doesn't get much better than right now.


Marissa said...

that just sounds WONDERFUL!

Meg D. said...

Anne, we went to Kathy G on Friday and she was wonderfully libral! I loved it! Ok, so let's get down to Anne & Meg dining. This week is particularly poor for me.
Next week is wide open except for Tuesday I have basketball. Wednesday is the final debate, but I could Tivo it...let me know what works. How about Monday at Punch?

paige said...

its good to know what you've got!

Marta said...

I am jealous! But glad to hear life is good on your end!