Friday, December 05, 2008

tricking people on craigslist

Yesterday, I sold two lamps to a woman named Bonnie. She read my Craigslist ad and just loved them! I try to take really good photos of my "products" -- to trick people into thinking they are cooler than they actually are...even though these lamps were very cool.

Isn't that a cute photo? This photo contains the lamp that I sold.

There are some awful photos on Craigslist. People, if you are trying to sell something --- REMOVE your CRAP from the something before you take the photo!!!!!

Anyway, I replaced these two lamps with three lamps from IKEA. We set them up last night and they look amazing. I am very happy with my updates. Here is my updated desk lamp.


Abigail said...

Reminds me of this post.

Sabrina said...

hello young lady, how is the domestic engineering going?