Friday, March 13, 2009

i create my life

What do I want to do in my life?

I do know for sure that I want to be happy and spontaneous and compassionate and thoughtful and kind and creative. And that I love people. I love meeting strangers and having conversations. And I love chit chat.

How do I use what I know to create things in my life?

Well, for starters I have been reading this book called, The Secret, and it is changing how I think.

It says - I create what happens to me. I attract what I want in my life. I control my thoughts and feelings.

But sometimes I get nervous and scared. I push things to the side. I hide under blankets. I procrastinate.

But NOT today!

So blog readers, Internet, world, I am putting this energy out there because I create my life.

I want to be a photographer!
I want to be a wedding photographer!

What happens next?

I know for sure that I will create it.

Wedding Happiness


eleanor said...

YEAH Anne! You will be great at of my co-workers when I worked at the st paul hotel was always talking about 'the secret'. He swore by it! I guess it's time I check it out...

Trisha said...

good for you to figure out your dream. very exciting. photography, i never would have guessed. :)

anne said...

Thanks Allisa!

Thanks Trisha!

Merris said...

Hi Anne --

This is going to be totally random, but that’s the beauty of the internet. My name is Merris, I live in St. Louis Park, and I came across your blog when googling Camrose Hill (your wedding was absolutely lovely). My fiancĂ©, Kevin, and I just got engaged last weekend and are planning a wedding in Mpls this summer (probably 7/18 or 8/8). We’ve been a little hung-up on photographers – we’re looking for someone who is fun, fresh, and isn’t going to cost us half of our wedding budget. We were thinking of going with an art student as an opportunity to help them build a portfolio and get more candid approach (we are very candid), but then I was looking at your blog and saw your comment about wanting to dive into Wedding Photography… Looking at the photos, it looks like you have an artistic flair and maybe even some training?!?!? If you have the equipment and are interested, please give me a shout at – we would love to meet up and chat.

~Merris & Kevin