Monday, May 01, 2006

enough chairs

I had a party last night for some of the students I have worked with for the past seven months.

I invited them over to my apartment for treats and games, a little fun away from work and a kick off for finals week.

I made pizza, my mom's famous bean/chip dip, and cookies.

I bought Apples to Apples at Target the night before because it is the best game ever. I even bought Dr. Pepper, Dubble Bubble, Blow Pops and Reese's Pieces.

I prepared all day for the party.

They ate the food I made and loved the game I bought! They told me they would have played all night but they had finals to study for and papers to write.

It was a great feeling to have people over to my place...even if my studio apartment doesn't have enough chairs and I had to get my camping chair from my trunk so they could all have a place to sit!


Automaton Overlord, Esq. said...

sounds like you're the hostess with the mostess!

Scott said...

Oh, I guess my invite got lost in the mail. Is see how it is... lol.


Cheryl said...

In good company, even the floor is comfy!

mariel said...

Lucky students!
The games looks good fun, I'll see if there's any italian version!

Kate said...

i would have LOVED that party. thanks for the comments and I'll see you SOON :)

Meg D. said...

Anne that sounds like so much fun! Great planning!

chanda said...

anne. i wish i could have been at this party. will you play apples to apples with me when i come home? and maybe make me some pizza? i could really use some good pizza. i love you, anne, and i hope you are well!

Marissa said...

I love hosting too - even in my small studio! Good for you, how fun! :)