Monday, October 09, 2006

opposing views

As I am watching The View this morning with the usual hosts Rosie, Elizabeth, and Joy plus special guest host.

The topic turns from Foley to politics to Bill Clinton to the war in Iraq and the War on Terror.

There were opposing views and the discussion got a heated.

It was great!

Four strong women discussing politics, the war, the troops, and patriotism.

As it is happening I know that this scene/discussion is going to be a hot topic for the media.

The headlines will read Cat Fight on The View or The Women of The View Hate Each Other.

It just doesn't have to be like that.

Women (including myself) get so wrapped up in making everyone happy, making sure we don't offend others, making sure everyone likes us...doesn't it get exhausting?

I want to see more of these women, more of these discussions, more heated conversations about real issues...


Trisha said...

I hear you Anne. I have had some conversations on touchy subjects here at work. One of my co-workers has totally opposing views than myself. We have some good, civil conversations but still respect the other to have a different opinion. But why are we, as women, supposed to stay hushed about our views?

So do you like Rosie on the View? I miss Meredith.

Cheryl said...

You're right. It's too exhausting. Women need to be able to talk about real things.

paige said...

word up anne.

Marissa said...

i saw it, too and i couldn't agree more. i got really into their debate. it was a good, clean debate with strong, intelligent women making fantastic points. and you're right, absolutely NOT a catfight or anything of the sort. i'd love to see more of this as well.