Thursday, November 30, 2006

cross everyday

There is this crazy busy intersection place in St. Paul that I have to cross everyday in my car.

On most days people hold signs in protest at this place.
Other people honk at these people holding signs.

Anyway, I always hope that when I am coming up to cross this crazy busy intersection place in St. Paul I either have a green light - and I just pass on by - or I have to stop behind many cars - why is this so?

Because if I have a red light and I am the first car, then I am staring straight onto this crazy busy intersection place in St. Paul and it makes my head hurt.

The other day I got caught up in the front of the line and I could hardly open my eyes - I was getting motion sick - car sick if you will.
I tried to cover my eyes but the car behind me started honking.
I guess red had turned to green and it was time to go.


the Wootang said...

when you cover your eyes, are you in your happy place?

Marissa said...

tha would make me crazy! where is it in st. paul?! i miss home!

Ben said...

Hey anne! Just wanted to drop you a note to say Hi. Hope everything is well up in the cities with all your break-ins and busy intersections. Looking forward to seeing you over the break! I still need to drill you about Thailand!!!

See you soon!

Cheryl said...

I'm so curious--where is it? That would drive me bonkers....

paige said...

hi anne, are you going to northfield tonight? maybe we could all car pool and take the scenic route through the countryside. it sounds like we both need it.