Friday, March 02, 2007

pink razr

Even though I had a snow day today and didn't know it and went to work to find the door locked that was just the beginning of my snow day that would end with me loosing my beautiful pink razr.

I came home crying so Jake and I went back out to the intersection that I think it feel out of my coat pocket but the frustrating part is we don't even really know forsure if it even fell into this puddle. We brought bright yellow gloves, you know the ones you wear when you clean or wash dishes, we were both out there when the crosswalk flashed walk cause we knew we had a safe 20 seconds of bent over hands in freezing slush next to the four foot snow pile that just keeps getting bigger becasue it hasn't stopped snowing in two days.

We couldn't find it, we tired and tried but today will end as the snow day that I lost my pink razr.

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