Friday, September 14, 2007

words for today

Has it really been two times, when I am neglecting my reflections, stories, posts...I think I will loose all my readers. And I panic. Then I think, what readers?! I am not dooce. Even though I want to be dooce. She is so funny, smart and tall.

I have been tired lately. Tired but okay. Not the best but okay.

Judy is wonderfully exhausting and cute. She started puppy kindergarten last Monday and we go again this coming Monday. The freakin' dog whisperer is the teacher. He taught tricks to crazy puppies during our class - both Jake and I thought it was fake but then realized that was impossible.

My dad is home and recovering, which involves breathing exercises, short walks, and taking pills. He sounds better and tells me he is feeling pretty good (trying to get back to "normal").

We painted the office. I decided one night that I wanted to do it and got the paint picked out 10 minutes later. It was suppose to be a silvery grey but it sorta looks blue grey or grey lavender during different times of the day.

I feel strange today. Not really connecting with the world or something...can't quite figure it out. I need something but don't know what.

Well anyway, these are my words for today.


Kate said...

glad to have you back darling. I'm so happy to hear your dad is feeling better. I also no longer have your or jakes phone numbers so....send them to me I'd love to call and chat :)

LadyKRAE said...

Hi Anne, Good to see you back. I was not sure if something had happened with your dad and that was why you were not posting... so on that note I am glad to hear that he is ok and recovering.

Hope you enjoy the weekend.

keo boun pheng said...

anne -- i, too, am happy to hear that your dad is ok and recovering. and am glad that you are back -- i had not heard of dooce (she is funny) but, you are funny too -- you know i've said this before... {and i've technically, really only met you like one time, so i'm not even being a 'biased-friend' ... you are funny!!}

Marissa said...

i hear you. when i don't connect i feel strange too. why is that, i wonder?!