Monday, December 10, 2007

too much toy

It is cold out.
We got our first real heating bill.
So why am I still cold?

Made sugar cookies and Chex Mix last night.
All of which are in the garage, in air tight containers, freezing.
They are waiting for next Saturday to be eaten.

Jake heard this cop tell the Target photo lady that his dog ate a sock and a $1500 surgery later he is okay.
Judy threw up in her kennel this morning.
I know I know that is gross but deal with it.
She has been destroying her fabric toys lately and also chewing on the plastic fencing in the backyard.
Which by the way, is suppose to keep her out of certain areas of the yard -- but she now jumps over, eats through, or digs under it....

Jake is worried and thinks Judy has had too much toy for dinner and will have to have $1500 surgery.

She was acting weird this morning......

We gave her a bone and threw her in the backyard.
We said if she didn't start digging in the snow and hiding it and covering it back with snow and then re digging it back out, etc. etc. then something was really wrong.
Then I left for work.

I just called Jake - she has been digging ever since I left, she is fine!


keo boun pheng said...

you two will make great parents if/when you have children! ;)

Trisha said...

I swear dogs are like toddlers, getting into everything! Glad she is ok!

Marissa said...