Monday, October 13, 2008

judy herding

On Sunday we spent the day at Kinnic Creek farm watching bordie collies herd sheep and goats - it was amazing to watch! Jake and I have never seen this many border collies in one place and they were incredibily friendly and determined.

To herd.
To herd the sheep.

Judy was there for her first lesson to see if she had the herding instinct.

Here is the video of us in the pen with three sheep. Her barking did not stop after she got started --- she was a little anxious of these big white animals (definitely bigger than any squirrel she has seen!) and didn't quite know if she was suppose to chase them or what!

p.s. Beware of the sheep jumping into the fence - it looks horrible but the sheep was fine.

judy herding from Anne Ingman on Vimeo.

judy herding 2 from Anne Ingman on Vimeo.


Marta said...

to me it looked like she had the instinct but what did they say?

EP said...

Too fun! I have a little border collie mix, and watching Judy have so much fun with the sheep makes me want to take her and do that.

What did they say about her herding instinct?

anne said...

they said that she has the instinct but needs a few more times to see if it really kicks in --- she was still a little like, "what the heck are these things --- should i just chase them or what?!" and she was easily distracted by people still.

so we will see!!! it was super fun though! EP you should definitely try it with your dog :)