Tuesday, November 04, 2008

barkin' for obama

I don't know if you know this, but, the horn on my car hasn't worked in years. Also, the passenger side door doesn't open from the inside and the power lock in the door behind the driver has NEVER worked.


Judy and I were driving down West 7th coming back from an overnight in Kato where Judy slept her first night without her kennel. And it did NOT go well. She woke me up every hour on the hour ---- you know, just to make sure I was still there.


Judy had been sleeping the entire ride and I had been listening to MPR all morning. Who knows - Judy might have caught a few stories. MPR is a very good radio program. Lots of people listen in.


We were pulling up to the stoplight so I rolled down the windows. One, because it was a gorgeous day and two, because I saw some very excited young people holding Obama and Franken signs --- people were honking in support all around us.

I thought to myself. These are the times I wished my horn worked.

But have no fear Judy was near!!!

She stuck her head out the back window and barked her little head off!

I took her cue, as the light turned green and we started to drive away, I pumped my fist out the window!

What an exciting day!


eleanor said...
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eleanor said...

an exciting day indeed. historic and blessed. i have never been prouder to be an american!

EP said...

That's fantastic! Judy knew exactly what to do.

Natalie Ellen Eamonn said...

nice,,,,you know i actually saw video clip of another dog who could bark OBAMA!!! fun to see your blog world from time to time!!!