Saturday, December 20, 2008

after, words

As I sit alone, enjoying the last of the fire, I am full. Full of happiness and friendship.

We had our 3rd annual holiday party and it was so so so much fun.

It didn't matter that I ironed our bedspread this afternoon or that Jake and I were on our hands and knees scrubbing our floors a few hours before everyone arrived. It didn't even matter because the coats were on the bed the whole night.

It didn't even matter!

Soullyahn even noticed my "secret treasures" on the tree, he noticed the one thing I didn't announce but is probably the most special to me.

Tonight was pretty Amazing.

Oh and Judy was a hit! She really is a good good dog. I love her. As the last person walked out our front door she took her spot on the corner of the rug and closed her eyes and hasn't stirred since. She is probably going to sleep til' 10!

Friends, family - thank you. Thank you for everything. You know who you are.


keo boun pheng said...

thank you for including us this year, anne & jake! your house is absolutely charming - i just wish we could have stayed longer {and have been able to get a sitter...}

it has been so fun to see you guys 3 times in 1 month! happy holidays to you ....

amanda jane said...


amanda jane said...


Meg D. said...

Thanks for the party Anne and Jake!!! Great spread of delicious food and your house is beautiful!!!