Monday, September 12, 2005

fulltime me

I have been without Internet for too long...but today I finally got it hooked up in my apartment and it feels great to be connected again!

Since the last time I posted I have been settling into my new apartment and surroundings. I now live with vaulted ceilings, a dishwasher, counter space, 500 square feet, free Internet, free cable television, and air conditioning. I also have a pool and a parking space. Oh, and brand new carpet. Needless to say I really like my new apartment.

Lately I sorta wake up and go to bed with no routine in mind, I eat meals but crave ice cream and chips most of the time, I sit by the pool and read, or watch Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List all afternoon, and after I have cleaned my apartment and set it up perfectly more than once a day...I know that it is time. Time to get out. Time to explore. And time to ace my second interview tomorrow and get hired for a real job!

Just so you know being fulltime "me" is not difficult. But I have been "me" fulltime now for about two months and let's face it, my money is running out.

Even though this past week was completely free of any structured activity this past weekend was a little more active. On Saturday Jake and I tailgated with some friends at the Iowa State vs. University of Iowa football game. The day was a blur of 80,000 crazed fans, barbecuing brats and melting special-k bars, drunken students and alumni, packed between huge RV's with smoking grills in a very hot parking lot. This football game is a BIG DEAL and a huge rivalry. Jake and I were so hot we escaped to a park to steal some wonderful shade from a tree. Heat is extremely exhausting.

Yesterday our friend Matt from high school was driving through Iowa and stopped for lunch. Matt is a drummer for the band Friends Like These and had a show in Missouri. It was so great to see a familiar face and our lunch with him was fantastic!


Cheryl said...

Your apartment is so very cute! I love it and you can't beat all that free stuff. Good luck on your interview. My fingers will be crossed all day, thus making it difficult to do my own job.

still_figuring_out said...

what a cute carpet. is it from IKEA? you have got yourself a very lovely home, anne.

Anne said...

Hahaha!! Thanks Cheryl! I am a little nervous but know that all I can do is be myself and try my best.

Yes, the carpet is from IKEA! Thanks SFO!

Teresa said...

I'm glad that you're back online. Congrats to Iowa State, by the way. I have tickets to the Ohio State/Iowa game, so I'm hoping for another Iowa loss.

You'll have a real job soon, I'm sure.

mariel said...

the carpet is very colourful! I like the painting too.. did you make it?
ps. good luck for the interview!!
ps2. I hope you can be your real "you" even when you'll be in a full time job!. well, I'm struggling to do it but it seems it doesn't work!

Anne said...

Teresa - That is great! Have fun at the game!

Temple - Thanks, and yes I did paint the painting!

Kiki said...

Cute apartment!
Also I like the painting! Very impressive :)
Maybe you should post more pictures of your work. :)

Jayleigh said...

Cool apartment. It must seem like heaven having an apartment more than twice the size of your old one!

Yay to being back online, and the prospect of a "real" job so the money doesn't run completely out!

Have a great week, dear!

Happy Mutant said...

I hope the interview went well. Also glad you are in Iowa. I am trying my best to not hold being in Cyclone country against you. Just wait until next year, Go Hawkeyes!!!

Christa said...

Anne-your apartment looks so nice and incredibly clean! I can tell no 2-year-olds live there! I hope your interview went well. Let's get together for lunch again sometime when you are up here again.

Mindi said...

Love the apartment!