Wednesday, September 14, 2005

you contaminate

Today in a public restroom I turned the faucet off for the woman next to me.

I did it because she was drying her hands and I thought maybe she forgot. I also did it because I couldn't stop thinking that she was wasting water. Every time I see someone wasting good water I can't help but think, Well, there goes my great grandchildren's water just running down the drain.


The woman turns to me and says, "You shouldn't have done that."

Yikes, what did I do? I thought. "Why?" I say.

"Because after you wash and dry your hands you contaminate them by touching the faucet," she says.

She actually said contaminate. Contaminate. Is this woman crazy? Who says contaminate? Just the sound of the word made the small portion of my fingers that had just touched the faucet start to tingle a little.

"Oh. Yeah, well I also have to open this door with the handle that is probably contaminated too. It's everywhere. But I know what you mean," I say.

This woman doesn't know that I have been putting toilet paper down on public restroom toilet seats my entire life. I have also been opening doors with my feet for years. I know what this woman means.

Today I just didn't care.


Amanda said...

aw, anne...just when you thought you were doing something nice for someone...
loved the line about hearing "contaminate" made your fingers tingle...

Cheryl said...

haha. that's funny especially cause you were trying to be nice. I didn't think anyone but forensic people or doctors used the word contaminate.

still_figuring_out said...

i have been putting tolet paper on the public toilet seats as well. but, what`s up with the opening doors with your feet??


Jayleigh said...

My mom works in food service. She uses the word contaminate. When people don't use tongs, she chastises them and says, "You don't know if the last guy washed his hands after going to the bathroom. You could be eating someone elses'[waste]."


Also, in response to SFO... I worked at Mc D's when I was in High School. Once I was sent to the women's room with a bucket of water and a rag to clean the door. "WHAT?!?" I thought. Then I wiped it down (just the one side) and the water was black. They cleaned it weekly.

THAT is why you push doors open with your feet, shoulder, hip, whatever. :-)

Happy Mutant said...

Did you say, "Isn't it the same as you contaminating my intelligent air?"

Kiki said...

I've been trying to avoid that stuff for my whole life too...but you have to draw a line somewhere before you end up trapped in the house.

ben ingman said...

Hi Anne. I got a blog so now I can post on your blog. Damn blog clicks.

And I think you know my feelings about germs and hygiene in general.