Friday, October 07, 2005

classic ingman

Happy Birthday Ben! Cheers to you for a wonderful year ahead! Miss you!


LadyKRAE said...

Happy birthday to you.

Hey look, they went fishing in that little stream and caught 3 rare "blue fish" hehe


Jayleigh said...

Is this another from your trip?

Looks fun! And chilly!

ben ingman said...

Anne! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes and the post card! That is seriously the best post card I've ever recieved because it's so to the point. A gigantic exlamation point!!

Thanks for the props on your post. Now 3489734 people know my birthday because you have so many frickin viewers of your blog!

Anne said...

Jayleigh, You are correct, the photo is from our trip to Alaska to visit Ben (he lived there for an entire summer). It was actually not too cold, just that perfect mountain temperature....warm during the day, cool at night.

You are so very welcome Ben! I am glad you liked that postcard...I actually have had it for years. I picked it up in Sweden or Europe somewhere...they always had all these free postcards in restaurants/bars, isn't that crazy?

Anyway,I hope you had a great day!