Sunday, October 02, 2005

pecan cluster

I worked at this little DQ in high school, every summer home from college, and even during graduate school.

That is DQ Joe in the doorway, DQ Joe is on his license plate.

We are not a Brazier, we don't have a grill. But we do have BBQ's, and Joe makes them with his secret recipe.

We also make all our own dilly's, buster bars, and DQ sandwiches. We have over 15 dilly flavors, including toasted coconut, black raspberry, orange, lime, chocolate peppermint, bubble gum, banana, and pina colada.

When I was home two weeks ago I stopped in to get a pecan cluster blizzard and I didn't recognize anyone working. I was sad, because for (yikes!) almost eight years I have been a little part of this place...where everyone knows your name.

Check out my fellow DQ alumni and good friend Meghan's blog...she posted some funny DQ stories from this summer. Also, Jake's sister, the amazing Katie just started a blog a few weeks ago, she is a natural blogger!


Anne Arkham said...

You sold me. I'm dying for ice cream now.

Cheryl said...

The DQ where I grew up still hand-dipped dilly bars for a long time and finally stopped. It's hard to find the chocolate peppermint ones now. Yours might be the last. Where is it?

Christa said...

I remember you worked there in grad school! I love DQ, and just recently broke myself of my Moolatte addiction. It was really, really difficult to get away from that...but I made it!

Jayleigh said...

I so love DQ. I share your experience, going to the place where you worked for so long and not recognizing a single person working. It's sad, kind of.

Have a great week!

Marissa said...

I know the DQ Cheryl is talking about! I'm curious where yours is, too!

ben ingman said...

That picture is priceless. It's impossible to know what the hell is happening. Sweet :)

Amanda said...

i have only been to a DQ once, on a camping trip. i think i need to reconsider that

Kate said...

Just so everyone knows, pecan cluster is known as 'grandmas blizzard' because only people over the age of 65 + anne order it...

Anne said...

Anne, I am usually always craving ice cream.

Cheryl and Marissa! That is too bad about your special DQ. Definitely check out my little is Mankato, right across from West High School on Stoltzman Road!

Christa, Yeah...sometimes my students would come and get a treat and I would be working...that was always a little weird.

Jayleigh, Oh I am so glad you know what I mean! It is sad!!

Ben, Thanks!!!

Amanda!! I can't believe you have only been once before...I practically lived of DQ for summers on end. If you visit MN, we will all have to meet for a dilly!

Kate, ahahahahh!!!! It is true...only old people order pecan cluster. Everyone made fun of me because it is my favorite. It really is very good.