Thursday, June 15, 2006

one night in bangkok

I am currently sweating.

It is hot in Bangkok!

Tonight is our only night here because tomorrow we head to northern Thailand, Chiang Mai for about five days. Then we fly south to Phuket to the beach for the rest of the trip! So one night in Bangkok is all I've got!

Jake and I said good-bye Wednesday morning, I miss him already!

Amanda and I are all packed into Matt's truck to head up to Minneapolis! Thanks for the ride Matt! We met Paige at Punch Pizza for a quick lunch, it was delicious and great send off!

For about nine of the twelve hours from Minneapolis to Tokyo this little man kicked the back of our chairs....grrrr.

In Bangkok Jana greeted us with jasmine lei's! They smell amazing!

I am feeling really good and am very excited to see Thailand in the daylight!


Anne said...

Jake, I cannot get into my gmail...I don't know if it is down right now or what...I will try again soon. Miss you so much! xoxoxox, Anne

Scott said...

Hope that you love the trip.


Jake said...

Hi hun! Weird about the gmail, hope you get it going eventually?

Sounds like you'll be travelling quite a bit over the next few days, so I'll just assume no news is good news.

Miss you too!!

paigedewees said...

ANNE! i'm so glad you are blogging, hopefully you can do more. i'm very disappointed that my picture at punch did not make the blog - i'll get over it.

curious servant said...

Sounds like it is all going to be great.

Cheryl said...

So awesome! Have fun.

Marissa said...

Anne - I LOVE your pics and these are great updates! Please (if you can) blog your way through your trip!!! AND HAVE FUN! :)

Trisha said...

Anne -- You look beautiful!! I hope that you are enjoying your trip. Your pictures are wonderful, thanks for sharing with us.

Meg D. said...

I'm so happy that you are going to keep your devoted audience of bloggers informed during your trip!
Continue having a wonderful time!

Miss Scarlet said...

OH awesome! SOunds like fun!