Thursday, March 22, 2007

little jaded

It's true. We have to leave our apartment and we don't want to. So last night I hung up all the pictures/frames/art that I had been wanting to. I don't care if I nailed ten new holes in our walls because they won't be our walls in 30 days. You could say I am feeling a little jaded.

Nontheless, Jake and I are both trying to be positive.

We might buy a house...all this drama has realy made us think that we might be done paying rent and having someone else decide where and how long we are going to live somewhere.

The questions is - can we get a loan, buy a house, and close the deal in 30 days?

That I will have to keep you posted on...wish us luck!


paigedewees said...

good luck with everything!

Trisha said...

It is a buyer's market Anne. Plus, you have the best situation, not having to sell another house or worry about notice on rent. Good luck on finding your first house -- it is a blast!

Teresa said...

Wishing you all the best! You'll love homeownership.

Meg D. said...

I can give you $4 dollars for a loan. Take it or leave it.