Thursday, April 19, 2007


Amanda is in labor. Got a text at 3 am from her. Read her blog this afternoon. I love technology. Wait, just got another text. It is a boy! This is an exciting day! I might have just told Paige that I am exhausted (it must be the adrenaline). If I think I am exhausted I can only imagine what Amanda and Matt are feeling right now. Probably more than anything - JOY!


keo boun pheng said...

oh anne, THANK YOU for blogging about amanda/matt and baby BOY!!! i have been dying over here, not knowing what was happening. do you know his name? -tia

keo boun pheng said...

i've been stir-crazy since 10:30am - when i first read her blog! i feel a bit like a crazy stalker, or something! i am so excited that i can't wait to hear more details..... - tia