Tuesday, July 03, 2007

in honor of

I don't work tomorrow in honor of the 4th.
I don't work on Thursday or Friday in honor of me.

Agenda for vacation:

1. Tonight, organizing the explosion of crap in the basement.
Where should I put this?
Just put it in the basement.

2. Tomorrow, head to Kato for illegal fireworks and turkey burgers.
Malin, Joakim, and Johan are visiting from the country of Sweden. Malin lived with my family during my senior year of high school. Also, Katie is home from Madison and brought two of her college friends.

3. Some other day, head back to St. Paul.
Basilica Block Party Saturday night with Peter, Cassie, Malin, Joakim, Johan and a thousand other people.

Should be fun!


Marissa said...

a perfect lineup! (minus the basement organizing. that does not sound like such fun! ha!) i love basilica block party!! enjoy! and thank you -- you made me feel MUCH better re my grand avenue parking mishap. mortifying! right in front of bonfire...that table was seriously hysterical over it!

Cheryl said...

Sounds fun! Ah, the Basilica Block Party...memories of Minnesota.

Meg D. said...

Peter and Cassie's wedding looked amazing. I cried during your dad's slideshow! You looked beautiful!

Also, I'm going to wear Cassie's dress for my own wedding...maybe you should let her know! :) I loved it!