Tuesday, August 14, 2007

garage doors

Okay, so maybe they are not so glamorous - but I haven't been this excited about garage doors in...wait, ever!

This morning we got two new beautiful steel garage doors with openers! OH MY GOSH. (Photo of new doors coming soon - this is our goodbye photo with the old doors).

Even before the punk kids punched through our crappy rotten wood panel the first week we moved in, we knew we were going to replace the doors...so, three months later we now will start parking in our garage. OUR GARAGE - our very very very own garage. It might seem silly but it feels awesome!

More photos and videos of the inside of the house coming...! But for now, here is a video of Jake at dinner last night. Yup, that is right, we ate at DQ. Hot eats cool treats.


Dane said...

Now that they've totally been hyped up for me, make sure you post some videos of those new garage doors!

keo boun pheng said...

anne: fantastic video... LOVE it. seriously, i love your timing on things like that...it makes me watch them over and over, and i laugh every time.

thanks also for your comments on my blog. the commparison to madona is quite nice. and actually makes sense since her accent is totally wacked these days being and american in the UK. my finnish friends speak english in a brittish-finnish accent. odd one to pick-up on!

can't wait to see your garage doors!

Cheryl said...

That is soooo my kind of dinner! Yeah! Congrats on your new doors. I wish I had a garage...my poor car has been on the street for four years!

Teresa said...

Congrats! I agree completely with how wonderful a working garage is.