Wednesday, September 19, 2007

pyrex and poop

On Saturday morning I went to this great antique shop on the corner of Selby and Fairview. I found the greatest treasure.


They come in any color and size you can imagine. Brights colors, big or small, round, square, and rectangular. This was my dream come true.

I found a little red one, two different round orange ones, white and blue rectangular ones, and a square yellow one. They were labeled leftover refrigerator containers and I had to have them! They all have covers and they make a lot of sense - you can heat them up in the oven or the microwave. No more plastic! Pyrex is the best.

On Saturday we also picked up a pooper scooper. Or rather the pooper scooper picked up some poop.


amanda jane said...

love the pyrex. they do make a lot of sense. and i love that you love them for making a lot of sense. and i love listening to you laugh on the video of jake pickin' up the poop. i wish i had a laugh like that. mine is silent. do you know anyplace i could buy a good laugh?

Betsy said...

Hi Anne,
We're blog friends via Tia. I lurk on your site because you are her friend. This post made me totally delurk.

I'm a junk hound to the nth degree. Garage sales, antique stores, garbage piles, whatever. You are one lucky girl. Look at those gorgeous pieces. Now I will have to post a picture of plaid THERMOS thermos I found last week. Nice work.

Marissa said...

very exciting! i love the pyrex. so classic!

Teresa said...

Pyrex rocks!

keo boun pheng said...

oh packed a lot of good stuff into this post! the video has me laughing like amanda ... and i'm as envious as betsy of your new pyrex set! glass is the perfect thing for microwaving and storing food. plastic is bad, bad, bad. sooo envious of you!

(don't you love the crossing-over that's happening with our blogs?!?!)

Anne said...

tia - i love the cross over that is happening. cyberspace is so great :)