Wednesday, March 05, 2008

On her desk sits a white 1 by 2 inch piece of paper with a little rose sticker. It reads - Be kind, for whoever you meet is already engaged in a great battle. On the back written in delicate pencil Attributed to Philo of Alexandria

I say to her, That is lovely.

She says, Oh yes. That is my last one. You take it, I'll remember it.

This little piece of paper just might be tucked in my wallet for the rest of my life.


EP said...

That's lovely. I have something similar tucked into my wallet. It's been there for about 7 years and I oftentimes forget about it until I come across it. And then it makes me smile and remember.

I'm tagging you on the little survey. I wasn't sure if I should at first and felt awkward about tagging you since I don't know you. But since you responded, I have decided you should fill it out. Haha. It's a fun random thing to do, no?

Cheryl said...

I love it.

Matt said...

I had Kipp Johnson's senior picture in the 'photo' section of my old wallet from '99 - '05/'06. The wallet fell out of a hole in my jeans while I was running to my car during a thunderstorm. I found it 20 minutes later, totally soaked. Picture ruined.

The winter prior to my wallet and it's contents getting soaked, I saw Kipp at Blue Bricks and got really excited to show him his picture was still in my wallet.

He didn't remember the day I put it got really weird.