Friday, March 28, 2008

dirty dirty dog

Spring is -a-l-m-o-s-t- here but in the mean while our backyard is muddy. Judy stays outside most of the day and the ONLY way we let her inside is to give her a bath. She has had more baths in the last few weeks than she has had in her whole life! We have a pretty solid routine worked out by now - however, the first time we tried to get Judy in the tub she ran all over the house full of mud (as you can imagine I was totally freaking out)! So now Jake carries her...she is starting to get used to it.

And just for fun - here is the new game we play with Judy that we like to call "break!" As you can tell she has a hard time containing her excitement - she LOVES LOVES LOVES to run!


Dana said...

I have a Brittany Spaniel and this happened to me when we 1st gave her a bath.. She freaked out because of the water (IDK why because: "hello" they are hunting dogs?) She ran all over the house soaking wet..

Now she is used to it and all I have to do is tell her it's time for a bath and she runs upstairs and hops in the tub!!

Glad your pup is getting used to it.. Carrying her is a great idea! :)

EP said...

She is absolutely adorable! Good thing she's getting used to baths. My mom has a Golden Retriever who once hopped out of the tub in fear and ran around the house soaking wet. *shrugs*

That game looks like it could provide hours of fun. ... Does she ever jump OVER the fence?

Anne said...

dana - i love that your dog jumps in the tub now! fun!

ep - yeah! as you can see she ALMOST jumps over the fence with excitement - she has not jumped over (yet) and i hope she never does! she has definitely loosened the "hinges" on that old fence...i am afraid she will just push it over eventually. summer project = fix the fence :)

ben ingman said...

Looks like a fun game anne! :) - made me laugh