Friday, May 08, 2009


Our yard is gloriously plush with bright beautiful dandelions!

However, this is not acceptable in mainstream society.

There comes a point where we have to do something about them, so they don't seed all over the neighbors lawn.

So the weed whacker comes out and destroys.

Jake, Weed Whacker

Click on photo for front yard dandelions.


Matt said...

I've had the privilege of witnessing Jake do a lot of foolish things.

Weed-wacking in sandals has been added to the list - probably not a completely horrible decision, but if anyone is going to lose a toe in a freak weed-wacking accident, it's Jake.

Chapel Partner said...

Don't you own a lawn mower?

Shaina said...

Anne! Did you know dandelions can help headaches? You could make dandelion fritters!

Dandelion Fritters

Anne said...

Chapel Partner - Yes, a push mower.

Shaina - That is so awesome! Thanks for the tip!