Monday, February 20, 2006

chit chat

I want to start an online card shop.

Which I want to call Chit Chat Cards.

Jake gave me as a present.

This is the first step.

My next move is a visit to egg press in March.

When I start to think about my business idea I get really really excited...but a little nervous.

Sorta how I felt when I auditioned for Survivor.


Unknown said...

Anne I want to hear about your "vision." That would be the perfect thing for you!

Thanks for the comment on the blog. It's good to be back.

Chris Kalani said...

good luck :)

Anne Arkham said...

Oh, cool!

Scott said...

Excellent blog... got here through Marissa's funny stuff and good luck with Survivor.


Cheryl said...

That is so exciting! I would totally use chit chat cards for all my e-card needs. Yay!

paige said...

anne, i just remembered something really important i had to tell you and then i forgot!!! damn!!!
i'll write back as soon as i remember!

Marissa said...

anne! that's great great great! congratulations, i have all the faith in you. you're gonna be GREAT! if you need a writer...let me know. ;)

Christa said...

I wish you the best of luck on your new business venture! I hope all is well with you and Jake. Let's get together sometime when you make it back home!

Curious Servant said...

Good luck to you, Anne!