Friday, February 17, 2006

my pits

I stopped wearing deodorant a few years ago.

I seemed to always forget to put it on and then freak out when I remembered.

So I just stopped.

Yesterday was the first day in a long time that I thought, "Maybe I should start wearing it again."

My pits smelled.

I was afraid to use my arms to gesture.

Small wiffs of myself floated around me whenever I released my arms.

Growing up I remember my first deodorant that my Mom got me.

It was called MUMS and it was a paste.

I did not want to wear it back then either.


Automaton Overlord, Esq. said...

nah, screw it. human's have survived for thousands of years without deodorant, so why start now. unless, of course, your personal case of bo is of a serious magnitude. or you're trying to impress someone.

Chris Kalani said...

what the heck.,,..

gross. My first time on your site and you pretty much scared me away, lol.

curious servant said...

The only reason we think we smell bbad is because Madison Ave. told us we do.

I would agree that people can smell a little strong when they haven't bathed in a while and the oils actually become a little rancid. But we are the way He made us. No need to feel self conscious about who we are, especially if we clean ourselves regularly.

Marissa said...

that's so funny. unfortunately for me, the gene of "sweat" runs in my family and i got it. i have to wear deoderant or else i'd have no friends. :)

Meg D. said...

Annie, oh Annie! That was disgusting and I would get some good organic deodorant and let everyone around you want to actually be around you! Kidding.

I have a new double-secret blog called Nothin Gold can Stay, it's at

so check it. I miss you. You know any single cute boys that like to just sit around an watch tv or movies? Keep your eyes open.

Meg D. said...


amanda Jane said...

i stink and i WEAR deodorant so i don't feel bad for you at all...oh, by the way, i have a blog!