Friday, April 07, 2006


This is a random post because I can make random posts if I want to because this is my blog. These boys in the photo are my friends and Jakes friends too so we all are friends because we are all from Kato. From left to right here is a little history.

Matt O. and I played hand-bells for our church growing up. He was a swimmer in high school with Jake and they both look good in a speedo but Matt O. drums Jake does not, Matt O. is a really good drummer. Shawn Gruenhagen and I lived real close to one another in Kato and we both went to Jefferson Elementary. We used to bike to each others house to hang out when we were young. His family plays hoot and hollar and I love that game. Then we have Jake. Jake is my man and I really like him I started liking him my last year of high school because I saw his paintings in Mr. Halsteads art class I kept asking Mr. Halstead, who is this Jake Ingman kid? Well now I know and I am happy. Genter is next. He and Jake were roommates in college which might have tainted their relationship a little but all is back to normal. I will never forget the first time I met Genter, he explained to me what torque was...I still don't get it but thanks either way. Genter plays video games enough said. And then there is Joel we were in school together first through twelfth. I have a photo of him from the last day of second grade in Mrs. Pattersons class, Joel is an amazing artist and I have a painting of his from our senior year of high school. We grew up together.

I love everyone is this photo.


Scott said...

Very cool.


Marissa said...

love it! and i love random posts!

paigedewees said...

this is my favorite post ever. it brings me on the inside. joel schwartz?!

Kate said...

I love them all
+ you

and I'll admit I probably had crushes on them all when i was 12
- you
- jake

Matt O'Laughlin said...

Nice post Anne, totally random.
I was hoping to add some colorful comment to your chit chat, and then BAM, there I am, arms crossed representing the incredible facial hair that I refer to as a "beard".

I just want you to mentally prepare for Saturday night when we hit up the "above ground", conveniently located above the "under ground". And we might have to explore the new add on to Blue Bricks. And the whole while we'll be drinking irish car bombs.

I think we're still young enough to get a little too rowdy... right?

Drop it like it's hot.

Meg D. said...


Love the pic. Good kids.

I'm totally preparing for Saturday out at the Bar-mueda Triangle.

I just went to DQ West and it's totally corporate...typical!

Call me when you get to K-town!

curious servant said...

Happy Easter Annie!

chanda said...

anne, thanks for telling me about these friends. they all seem very cool. like you. i feel like if you tried to take a picture of all of your friends, you would need to rent out some sort of stadium. i love you, annie, and i hope you are well!