Tuesday, April 04, 2006

out of the corner

We all do it, we all want that perfect self-portrait, where we look serious but still sexy.

Good thing for digital cameras because we know instantly if the shot will work.

...work for that photo you post on your blog or send to all your friends.

You should see my iPhoto library.

I have definitely taken some practice shots.

I am not embarrassed of this fact!

This is more than a self portrait because I didn't know that out of the corner of my eye my friends were being silly.

But my slight smile tells you that I can hear them laughing!


Scott said...

Looks like a wicked place to hike. Very nice pictures and I dig the toque!


Cheryl said...

that is a great picture!

Marissa said...

an absolutely perfect photo! yes, i take many self-portraits of my own!

amanda Jane said...

not bad for a photography minor. actually, i always wonder how you manage to take just the perfect shot...i guess i know your secret. plus it helps to be cute as a button.

Automaton Overlord, Esq. said...

is that your 'oops, i'm sexy' look?

Anne said...

Wootang, I would not say that I look that serious or sexy in this photo...before I sorta smiled though, I was definitely trying to look serious/sexy...then my friends made me start to laugh! I like the photo more because of what is happening not that I tried to take a great photo of myself :)

Teresa said...

Very fun, picture, Anne!

SaWa said...

Hey! I can't remember how I found your blog. Probably via Mindi's..

This picture is great, I like teh background !
Oregon looks nice too. Nice mountains and sunset ;-)