Thursday, July 06, 2006

without a tv

Yup, I don't watch TV anymore.

Because I put it in storage.

I cannot deny that at times I feel the addiction. I crave it...and I especially miss Oprah. The other day I watched one of the DVD's from her 20th year anniversary. On my lap top, not my TV.

Life without a TV just means you have to watch a DVD.


Scott said...

I would probably just end up going to other people's homes to watch the shows that i want!


Curious Servant said...

Good for you!

Too much junk there.

Now as long as tv doesn't start toslip through the intenet...

Unknown said...

Stay strong Anne! I know that I would never have the strength to do that! Go get 'em!

Ben said...

TV is worthless... good job not watching it.

Make Jake get in shape for our trip.

Miss you!!

the Wootang said...

"TV: teacher, mother, secret lover."-Homer Simpson