Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Seattle's famous Farmers Market.

Hello - my KING size feather bed with six delicious pillows. I slept like a dream.

My marble bathroom - tub and shower included.

View number one from my 22nd floor window.

View number two from my 22nd floor window.

View number three from my 22nd floor window.

The flower market at the Farmers Market.

Isn't the color beautiful?

The very first Starbucks store - notice that wonderful original logo.

Self-portrait in Seattle.


Scott said...

Fantastic photos. Looks like a great place to have stayed. Very swanky.

the Wootang said...

did you go to pike's market and see the dudes throwing fish?

Paul Michael Peters said...

Staying at the Sheraton?

Love that city. Have fun.

Anne said...

I actually missed the fish throwing - I couldn't believe it. Next time though...

Grand Hyatt is where I stayed and I would totally recommend it - it was UNBELIEVABLE.

Thomas said...

Seattle - I hear it's a nice place.