Thursday, February 28, 2008

it is so quiet

It is so quiet here.

Sometimes the rhythmic hum of the printer drives me crazy and I have to turn on iTunes to drown out the sound.

The stillness forces me to go into my head. To climb in there and really, oh I don't know, analyze and criticize. You'd be surprised.

I've never been to this place. In this place.

This thing is - it is so quiet here. Sometimes I hear but I can't speak. Sometimes I step forward but nothing moves. My place doesn't move.

You wouldn't understand because you don't have to.

I know what to do, I always do.


eleanor said...

hmmmmm....quit your day job?!? oh anne...hang in there, dear. just keep drownin' out the printer.

Lorrie Veasey said...

Hi Anne-
You have a great blog and I would love to trade links with you. Please excuse my rudeness for posting under comments (move along people-nothing to see here.) Email me through my blog if you wanna trade

anne said...

I like this - good rhythm.