Tuesday, June 03, 2008

camrose hill flower farm

Updated post 2/2/2010:

If you just found this post through a google search for Camrose Hill Flower Farm -- Hi! My name is Anne and my husband Jake and I got married at Camrose in 2008 and it was amazing! When we decided to book Camrose we hadn't even visited yet -- I happened to stumble upon a website that featured a Camrose wedding and I was completely convinced. It was exactly what I had always imagined -- beautiful, unique and just lovely. If it helps to check out my wedding photos -- feel free to go to my Flickr collection.

Also, I am a wedding photographer and would love to talk to you more about all your wedding planning and ideas! Because of my personal experience at Camrose, you can trust me to capture all the unique details and magic Camrose Hill has to offer. My philosophy for wedding photography is photojournalistic, candid, classy and always fun! Visit my website Ingman Photography for more information.

Original post:

This is where we are getting married - in less than four weeks!!! OMG

Camrose Hill Flower Farm 1 from Anne Lindberg on Vimeo.

Camrose Hill Flower Farm 2 from Anne Lindberg on Vimeo.

Camrose Hill Flower Farm 3 from Anne Lindberg on Vimeo.


amanda jane said...

dun dun da da. (that is the bridal march!) Can't wait!

Mollie said...

Ok completely random comment from a completely random girl. I was googling Camrose Hill Farms for more info besides the website and I happened on your blog. I'm wondering after the wedding and all what are your thoughts? I think it looks absolutely amazing from the pictures but I wanted to see what your opinion is. Thanks for any help you can give, from the few pictures I see you looked fabulous :)

Suzanna said...

Soooo another completely random comment from another soon to be bride, I am planning on getting married at Camrose next summer and I was wondering if you would share some of the companies used for your wedding and what you thought of them. Hopefully I wasn’t prying, I looked at your pictures to see the layout of how you set things up and saw your food looked really good. I feel a little awkward contacting you like this, but I really liked your style and it reminded me of mine so I was curious, If you have any tips I could use all the help you can give.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry to bother you with another question from a random stranger. I'm looking at having my wedding at Camrose Hill next summer and I just have a few questions. How many guests did you have? Also, how did you handle the bathroom situation? I know it's completely out there, but my family has some serious reservations about only having porta-potties. I knowt that it is very strange for me to do this, but I have no where else to turn!

Anne said...

Hi Sarah! We had 215 guests with three port-a-potties (two for the women and one for the men) and it worked fine. We got the "deluxe" ones that had running water so they felt a little nicer :) I wouldn't worry about the bathroom situation because the beauty of Camrose makes up for it!

Also, if you haven't booked a wedding photographer -- I would love to talk to you about what I offer!

Hope I could help! Send me a personal email if you have more questions. aingman at gmail (dot) com