Sunday, January 25, 2009

facebook addiction

Currently I am obsessed. OBSESSED. with Facebook.
Facebook status updates.
For me.
And for Judy.
Facebook confirming friends.
Facebook photo tagging.
Facebook. Facebook. Facebook.
I can't stop!!!!


EP said...

Isn't it awesome/awful?

Marta said...

Me too!!! Ever since I got a wireless connection at home - it's like a drug!

Teresa said...

Scrabble on FB is fun too.

Marissa said...

im addicted too :)

mariel said...

I'm adddicted too!!!

it is just so nice to see on real time what your friends all over the wordl are doing!

Marta said...

there's actually a book out there called "the facebook book". i'm currently on my way to find it, i'm so obsessed!

Just me said...

I actually facebook while I'm watching my favorite show. That used to be my obsession- I don't know what happened!!!