Wednesday, January 07, 2009

fixing the pipe

From the Archives - Fixing the Pipe from Anne Ingman on Vimeo.
This video was taken last April 2008 on a ridiculously snowy sleety night --- our kitchen drainage pipe was leaking and we had to fix it. Jake's role -- equipment, planning, buying and actually fixing the problem (he had to make three trips to Menards to get supplies). My role -- enjoy almost an entire bottle of margarita mix (by myself) while watching PBS and realizing that I needed to move to France and occasionally assist with project as needed. The result is 8 hilarious videos to document this night! Enjoy.


amanda jane said...

we've experienced many 'basement renovations' that end somewhere along these lines. . . ."this is gonna take me all fuckin' day" or shouting the other person's name while they walk away.... usually to get a beer.

oh yeah, did it work????

amanda jane said...

hey jake, you didn't give that sawzall a chance! you've got to finesse it.

Anne said...

hilarious! yes, we finally did get the pipe changed out --- there are more videos!