Tuesday, February 24, 2009

birthday party at my house!

Paige's Birthday Party

There were three of us! Three of us! Cooking in my little kitchen -- Amanda was roasting a red pepper on the stove for the appetizer. Allisa was chopping carrots, onions, and ginger for the soup. And I was whipping cream and folding in chocolate shavings for the cake! All in honor of our dear friend Paige's 30th birthday. It was a fantastic night.

Click on the photo to see more from the party.


Just me said...

Very cool candles!

paige said...

anne! it was so much fun!!! THANK YOU FOR THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!

Anne said...

Those candles are awesome and yes I did wipe the whip cream frosting off of them and put them in a bag to use again! Reduce, reuse, recycle people!

amanda jane said...

thanks anne. it was great!