Monday, March 02, 2009

avery loves trucks

Avery loves trucks. He really really does.

Awhile ago Paige and I had to 'watch' Avery for about a minute and a half while Amanda brought stuff to her car and warmed it up.

In that minute and a half we introduced Avery to the wonders of You Tube.

Once he realized that at ANY moment of ANY day he could just point to the computer and say 'truck' and magically videos of trucks appeared --- well, his little life changed! Avery is a smart cookie.

For over two weeks Amanda and Matt had to hide their computer from Avery because he was relentless!


I hear he is back to watching patiently outside for a truck to pass.

Ahhhhhh, the good old days!

Avery Loves Trucks from Anne Ingman on Vimeo.


amanda jane said...

this post is hilarious! a truck-obsessed boy is NOT! thank you very much! ha ha love you and thanks for loving ave-dave

Krae :0) said...

OMG that is soooo funny.. He is a cutie!

Gotta love youtube! and Trucks :0)

keo boun pheng said...

this is hilarious! LOVE IT! and i even think the truck-obsessed boy is cute, too! silo loves trucks, cars, construction vehicles, garbage he also likes robots - we should get these BOYS together!