Friday, March 27, 2009

cannot move my legs

Okay, so I have sorta been hibernating.
We haven't seen sun all week in Minnesota and it is depressing.

Wednesday I joined LA Fitness. I have been getting pretty comfortable eating ice cream and watching reality television these last few months. Or several months.

Damn you extra fat around my belly, thighs, and butt.

I had a complimentary workout with a trainer included in my joining fee so yesterday morning I met with Joel. We talked about my goals and took my BMI. I cried. Twice. He asked how hard I wanted to work and I said a nine. After we started the work out I wished I had said a two. My legs were weak in the knees, I was red in the face and sweating, I wanted to just take a nap and eat Kemps chocolate chip ice cream. I told Joel I felt drunk. And then I leaned on him. He held me up during squats - and I was just standing on the ground!

Of course he wanted me to sign up for a trainer, but I had to be honest with him - "It was hard enough for me to join in the first place and I don't have a job and we don't have anymore money. I know that I just cried in front of you and leaned on you...seriously, thank you for the last hour of my life -- you were really great."

This morning I realized that I CANNOT MOVE MY LEGS. I am in a lot of pain. Inactivity will do that to a person.

Regardless, when I noticed a bit of sun this morning I knew that I had to get out of the depths of despair and hibernation and move my legs. So Judy and I went to the dog park.

While there I moved slow. Very slow. I lost my phone when I reached in my pocket for the ball. Unfortunately, I figured out I lost my phone after I had hiked for another 20 minutes. I back tracked my route and enlisted a stranger to help me. Judy was caked in mud and jumping on this nice man. Finally, we found my phone. Thank goodness it is hot pink.

I walked to my car and I had a $35 parking ticket.

Then I went to DQ and got a blizzard.


Marta said...

At least you know when you hit rick bottom the only place left to go is up!

Meg D. said...

Anne Lindberg Ingman- YOU ARE TOO FUNNY FOR WORDS!