Thursday, November 16, 2006

double clicks

She called and said she could only open one page. She wants to print all the pages.

I asked her to forward me the message, maybe I could open it at work and print them for her...then I asked if she knew how to do that?

She said, "Are you kidding?"

I'll be there after work Grandma.
Oh, that would be great she says with a sigh of relief.

They have been sitting there since Sunday. I kept trying to open them but it didn't work. I am nervous they are gone forever.

I take a seat and dial up the Internet.

But with a few double clicks all eleven e-mails including attached documents and photos are printed and ready to read.

The night also included a short lesson on how to open attachments and (more importantly) how to get to my blog!

Hi Grandma!


Scott said...

Hello from Toronto Anne's Grandma!!


Cheryl said...

Aw cute! Hi from Chicago!

LadyKRAE said...

All is good that no emails were harmed in the making of the blog entry! :0)

My job is the same as that. I am a tech support agent for a company in Ontario!

Hi from Nova Scotia

psquared said...

HELLOOO! The big mitten of Michigan waves hello!!

Meg D. said...


Thanks so much for coming out last night. It's always such a wonderful thing to see you and you're also very hysterical! Thanks again. Your card was funny...and depressing...but mostly funny!