Friday, November 03, 2006

get to

On Friday's we get to wear jeans.

To be completely honest it feels amazing.

I don't really know why it is so it the comfort? The freedom?

What can you all wear on Friday's?


Matt O'Laughlin said...

I can wear anything, anyday... which is pretty sweet because that means I had to buy nothing once I got my job. Sandals, jeans - which I've wore every day since Feb, sneakers, speedos, bubble wrap, top hat... the list goes on.

Anne said...

Wow Matt, that must be nice!

But how do your co-workers react to you wearing a top hat?

Cheryl said...

I can wear jeans. Of course I don't have a job but grad school and a seminar on Friday mornings.

Trisha said...

I have to wear business casual during the week. You know, dress pants, button-downs, sweaters and such. But on Friday, I can wear a Stritch polo, fleece or long sleeve with my dress pants. Whoopie! I live for dress down days with jeans. It is the comfort.

Marissa said...

so fun! i can wear whatever i want cuz im my own boss. ;)

Automaton Overlord, Esq. said...

i only get dressed if i have to leave the house. and if i leave, it's usually to go surf. so i usually walk out in a wetsuit. then i smell like rubber all day.