Tuesday, March 07, 2006

just like home

For a little over 24 hours this past weekend I was overwhelmed with familiarity and laughter!

My Mom and Dad drove down for a visit!

They brought meals to freeze and cookies to eat.

Jake and I proudly showed them around out new domain.

It was amazing to have them in visit.

Had breakfast on Saturday morning on Main Street in downtown Ames at the Grove Cafe.

I got everything I wanted and it was just like home!


Curious Servant said...

looks like a nice place to eat.

Marissa said...

how wonderful!!! what a wonderful weekend :)

Cheryl said...

Yay! What a great weekend!

Alex said...

I only ate at the Grove Cafe once, on the day I left Ames. It's quite a nice place, made me wish that I'd found it sooner!

Anne Arkham said...

Sounds wonderful!

amanda jane said...

there really is no place like home... wish your home was a little bit closer to mine

amanda jane said...

Anne, it's 12:12 am and I can't stop blogging. I have tracked down everyone I know and have read thier entire blog...what is going on with me?? I would love to see you this weekend. I'll be around all weekend, call me. Oh, and would you show me how to make links to other people's blogs?

Scott said...

I love breakfast!!! It is the best meal of the day.