Thursday, March 09, 2006

that's me

That's me, golfing.

I love to golf.

My whole family golfs.

My Mom and Dad went golfing on their honeymoon.

My brother and I took golfing lessons in the summer at Terrace View.

My parents go golfing in Arizona every winter.

You might say that we are a golfing family.

I might even admit that I like to watch golf tournaments on TV.


the Wootang said...

i play golf on my gameboy. does that count?

chanda said...

anne, why is paige saying that you are moving back to st. paul?

Unknown said...


Where are you golfing?

And what's up with "chanda" saying you're moving back to St. Paul?!!!

Cheryl said...

Oh that looks so nice and summery...sigh

Matt O'Laughlin said...

YES! I totally had time to create a new username since I forgot my last one. Now I can post comments on your blog again.

Anne, I gotta say I'm super pleased that you and Jingman are moving up to the cities. I know you'll be in St. Paul, because its perfect for you and Jake, but we'll have to visit more than the last time you lived near me.

I'm excited to climb with Jake.

Last summer I golfed for probably the first time in 3 or 4 years. It was the "executive" course but I still dominated. I hit the green on hole 7 (about 150 or 160yds) with a pitching wedge! It was awesome.

You have to keep me posted with your survivor audition. Have they already started the next round? or are you in?

Theres a new America's next top model that we'll be betting on for 5 bucks. email me if you want in.

Scott said...

Oh I can't wait until golf season. you should check out Alabama to golf. They have some fantastic courses on the Trent Jones Trail and it is really cheap to golf. Went down there just over a year ago... some of the bet golf of my life.


Teresa said...

Great photo. I enjoy golf the two times that I played.

I hope that you are doing well and that your card idea is taking off.

mulbry said...

dont be embarrased about watching golf on tv, i like to play frisbee

Anne Arkham said...

I've never golfed, but that course looks beautiful.

Anne said...

Wootang71, It sorta counts but "real" golf is amazingly fun! You should try it!

Chanda, hi! Jake and I made a big decision and we ARE moving back to MN next December!!!

Meg D., In that photo I am in Montana!

Cheryl, I know...I cannot wait for spring to come!

Matt O., I am so excited too! I cannot wait! When I really start to think about it I get really happy :) We will definitely be hanging out more than last time...we need to go dancing more...not just at weddings anymore! :) Jake told me about the "top model" pool..I haven't been watching it this year...sounds fun though.

Scott, Sounds great! Thanks for the tip!

Teresa, Thanks! I have started to design some cards and am thinking about my business plan!

Mulbry, :) Jake loves frisbee golf! As for me...I am horrible at frisbee throwing!

Anne A., Golf if so fun! You should try it! And yes that course was the most beautiful place I have ever golfed.

Miss Scarlet said...

I LOVE to watch golf on TV!!!! (Not women's golf though...ew)

Sarah said...

Thats so cool. I wish I could golf!

Marissa said...

my mom is so obessed with golf she golfs two rounds a day every day! i secretly think that's why they retired to arizona for the she could golf year round. last year in minnesota, she was named the female with the most golf rounds in the ENTIRE state! haha. you two should meet :)