Tuesday, March 21, 2006

real people

While listening to Keane on my Nano I realized that music makes everything feel like a movie.

All the people riding past on that flat fast moving thing, flight attendants and pilots in uniforms, people on cell phones, couples holding hands, kids running in front of parents, backpacks and traveling clothes, cowgirl boots, Bluetooth phones, men in suits, women in tapered jeans with scrunches and french-braids, Uggs, Moms holding babies, bags and bottles, people on laptops, magazines and books being read.

Add music to this scene and you've got a blockbuster hit...real life, real people, real stories.


Automaton Overlord, Esq. said...

music makes everything better. can't find anyone to shred with? throw on the headphones!

psquared said...

Sorry to read about the travel troubles. First rule of the road, never go anywhere without mp3 player and headphones.

But at least you have a few good stories, would love to hear more.

Safe travels

Marissa said...

i have that thought all the time. i love listening to my ipod on the subway because it makes the whole dirty, smelly experience quite beautiful and dream-like!

Christa said...

So do you still love Keane or what??? I wish we could go to that concert again!